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Monday, October 12, 2009

Sarah and Logan's Wedding

I have always  been a little bah humbug about weddings and I have declined more invitations to weddings than I have attended. But somehow Sarah managed to change my mind. Months ago when I heard her enthusiasm for the preparations I was getting excited to attend her and Logan's wedding. I was in for a few surprises.

Brenda, an excited bridesmaid.

It doesn't take a good picture to capture just how much Logan was beaming in anticipation of his bride!

I'm not sure, if it was the music that they had chosen (Haydn, Vivaldi and and various other evocative pieces) but I was strangly touched (and still am now) with the anticipation of the ceremony even before I saw Sarah approaching the sanctuary.

I saw some major lipwobbles as her Dad steadied a bride anticipating those important steps onto the carpet.

There she is with the big smile.

The Lutheran church that looks a bit like a ship. Funny enough in Germany we say that someone is "sailing into the harbor of marriage".

Look at those guys! I am often sceptical, but with those guys, they know what they are doing. They really love each other and also know that it takes a bit more than a few romantic notions for a life together. They are fully aware how different they are and how precious the acceptance of the other is and how important to celebrate their differences.


Taking their brightly shining candles.

Lighting the unity candles.

Keeping the candles of their individuality that ultimately made them fall in love burning brightly!

Now what Mrs Ericksen?

Mr Ericksen offering his arm.

Together ready for anything!

Doesn't it look dreamy? :-)

There is no such thing as too many fairy lights, I repeat, there is no such thing as too many fairy lights!

Four ladies with tiaras and star wands: Baby Fairies?!?

Flip flops for the dancing later! Sarah thinks of everything and is obviously well versed in wearing towering heels and its consequences! (Me, I just turned up in comfy shoes, still elegant mind :-)

Gipsy Jazz at Sarah and Logan's Wedding! Who'd 've thunk!

Jason, Trevor and Jenni.

Scott, I, Jason and Trevor.

Jennifer and Steve.

Cara & hubby and various other guests.

Sarah, we did enjoy those lighting cubes in our drinks!

The youngest guest.

Logan leading his wife to their first dance. And what a dance!

Everything very stylish a composition in red, white and black. The only lapse: the food. Spaghetti and a tomato-black angus sauce would have been so much more in keeping with the color theme! If you guys ever have a party to renew your vows, feel free to get me involved with the food planning :-)

Now wait, why are there three mints lying in a row in front of me...? Oh by the way, thanks for the goody bag and especially the pack of cards, nobody enjoyed those more than our table :-) Although the gallon of water that was in there as was a much appreciated move considering that there was an open bar all night...:-)

Also cudos on that emergency basket in the powder room! It was stocked with anything a gal might need at a wedding: pain-killers, hair pins, safety pins, spare nylons, watchamacalits and thingymabobs as well as band-aids, mints, toothbush and toothpaste! My guess is that Sarah has been in/to enough weddings to have encountered just about any wedding reception emergency there is!

People at the all night open (!) bar...

Another lovely couple: Jenni and Trevor.

The dancing was great! Fab choice of music!

Logan consoling his BFF with a dollar dance.

The lovely bride and Scott, who cleans up nice!

Ooh Logan, you better pick the right legs there!

And Logan did!

Wonderful wedding! According to Logan that's pretty much cudos to the bride, but he did have a lovely speech, Logan did.

I can't wait to hear about their honeymoon, which is a surpise for Sarah, planned by Logan. How cute is that!

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Sarah Kmetz I mean Ericksen said...

Rosie, how fun to remember the wedding via your photos and comments! I'm so glad that you came and appreciated that you were there, and it seems you had a good time (including relaxing the next morning at the hotel). And on the food - we had the red white and black cakes, but I will def come to you for the food next time :-) See you in a few weeks for poker!