Definition for Kayak :-)

Kayak [] n. 1. an oblong banana shaped boat with a hole in the bottom from which the occupant dangles. Can be propelled the wrong way up by experts. (definition courtesy of Pete Knowles)
(And I've got this one from Chris' Kayak Lexicon)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Becoming an Outdoor Woman in Minnesota

09 August 2005

Roxanne had the splendid idea of getting a few of us girls out for a kayaking taster with the DNR. Signed up immediately, because things just have to be tried, at least once, even though that never looked that comfortable really, when I saw them on the water. Either way, being out with Roxanne, Courtney and Lee would be fun no matter what!

As soon as I was afloat in the kayak I knew I had fallen in love!

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