Definition for Kayak :-)

Kayak [] n. 1. an oblong banana shaped boat with a hole in the bottom from which the occupant dangles. Can be propelled the wrong way up by experts. (definition courtesy of Pete Knowles)
(And I've got this one from Chris' Kayak Lexicon)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ice Out!!!

Everybody was desperate to get water under their hulls! Unfortunately the day a couple of canoers got trapped and eventually capsised and were immersed for quite a while until being rescued and restored to their warmer selves. All's well that ends well!

But for us kayakers it was all fun and games :-) The sea kayakers are some colleagues from ISK who came out to do a TV piece on how to boat safely at this time of the year.

Now, I had never really thought about it, until my colleague warned me that drifting ice is actually quite dangerous: Give it a wide birth, make sure you're dressed for immersion in ice cold water and make sure, that your wearing your pfd and otherwise, HAVE FUN! :-)

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