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Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Friends' Wedding

Yesterday my friends Curt and Krista tied the knot! It was a beautiful candle-lit ceremony I dedicated my full attention to and don't have pictures of. I can't wait to see the pictures that photographer took! Also the couple asked me not to share pictures of them through this medium, which I obviously respect!

Several of my friends had a photographer at their wedding, who took fabulous pictures of them as a couple, just to realized later with regret, that they had virtually no pictures of the party and their guests! So I decided to step into that niche here!

Kurt the best man with his best woman Laurie.

Paul and Marsha with Roxanne at the neigbours table. You can tell, everybody is just having a good time!

Carol and Paul enjoying themselves.

That's me, in case you don't recognize me so dressy. Yup, I cleaned up alright with a little help from my friends (Laurie; and Kurt's approval didn't do any harm either :-)

And here's my table with friends of the couple..err.. I can't remember all of their names, but they were a lot of fun to talk to over dinner!

Tom and Courtney all spick, span and sparkly!

Molly and Mike on the right, nice fellow whose name I also forgot on the left.

Theresa in the Middle. She was taking pictures also, I hope I'll get see those soon! Ah well if nothing else a reason to arrange a sociable event to get together for exchanges!

And then it was time to dance! The music was fantastic, heavily leaning on 60s, which are my favorites. I can't remember the last time I had such a good dance! Thank you so much Curt!!! Needless to say, that the camera lay all but forgotten back on the table while there was music going!

In a nutshell, it was a wonderful wedding! I hope for you Krista & Curt, that this is the start of a life with many happy occasions and joyous dances!

And thank you so much for putting up that suggestion box and plenty of paper and pens. That was a suggestion box, right? I was a little surprised, we don't have those at weddings in Europe, anyway, I already mentioned it to Krista yesterday, but I also put a note in the box. I really hope you guys will renew your vows every year and have a fabulous dance like yesterday to celebrate it!

Thanks so much for inviting me!

The Very Best of Luck to You Twos!


Molly in MN said...

Great pictures and my friend, you looked FABULOUS! See you next week!


Rosie said...

Molly, I have a particularly fabulous picture of you, that I have held back for printing...Hmm, a picture could make a good present for somebody...

Nora said...

Hi Rosie!
I second that!! You look beautiful! Have you been to any pool sessions yet?

Rosie said...

Hi Nora,

Thanks :-)

Nope, no pool sessions yet, but I am working on the mental side of things and it really looks like I am getting somewhere with this (fingers crossed).

My first RR session should be on Jan 6, because I will be doing a cross country class on Dec 29&30!

Do you skate at all?