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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Recycling worn out gear

So you’ve got this completely worn out piece of gear, that you’ve worn on all these life changing experiences and you’d really rather hang on to it because you remember when… but then you need the space for those other pieces of gear that you bought because they’re going to be great for…and also when you… with N. and N. and A. and J. and maybe even T., C. and R. … Wouldn’t it be easier to let go, knowing that it will reincarnate into a new life on a higher level as an even gnarer piece of gear, forever remembered on all of those pictures posted on your and your friend’s blogs?

Did you know that Patagonia accepts a lot of their own products as well as Polartec fleece from other companies to recycle it and make new gear out of it? They say that they’ve also been using plastic bottles etc. to make new fleece. Which makes me hope, that a lot of our trusty fleece layers make use of those old bottles!

I just came across it and so you don’t have to search around for the info and have more time for the fun stuff, here the skinny on this cool way to reincarnate your experienced gear with links to where I found the info and hopefully without making this some kind of advertizement.

What you can recycle:

- ALL Polartec fleece from ANY manufactuer
- P. fleece (including Synchilla® and Regulator® insulation)
- Capilene baselayers
- P. cotton T-shirts

They say that they are constantly trying to expand the categories until they can take back and recycle anything they sell, so it may be worthwhile to keep an eye on them adding more items in the future.

Where you can send it or drop it off

Ideally and to maximize the invironmental benefit you'll drop it off at one of their retailers, while you are running an errand in the area or going there by bike or on foot or send it to their service center.

What that does for saving the planet according to their website

"By diverting worn-out garments from landfills, we reduce solid waste. Diverting them from incinerators results in an energy savings of 76% and a CO2 emissions [greenhouse gas] reduction of 71%. Garments made with recycled fibers use 50-100% less virgin polyester, which reduces our use of oil."

They also state that transport energy needs are minimized by using ships that otherwise routinely return empty and by encouraging customers not to make extra trips for drop off.

Anybody else doing this?

This is just one company. Hey, if you guys know of similar ops to recycle, please post your comments!

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Ivan on RapidsRiders Forum said...

Check out what Ivan Bartha came up with and posted in response on RapidsRiders,4796,4798#msg-4798:

Re: Recycling worn out gear
Posted by: ivanbartha (IP Logged)
Date: August 1, 2007 09:33AM

On a similar note:

-Erik's Bike Shops recycle old bike tires & tubes

-Most larger fishing/hunting stores collect nylon fishing line

-I am big on Astral's non-PVC PFD's, which seems to be a trend catching on in the paddlesports industry

-We always try to purchase program equipment from companies that participate in the 1% for the Planet program. It adds up! Shameless plug for that org: